The Role Of Fermented Foods In Gut Health

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 6 Click HERE for part 5 Fermentation is a traditional way to preserve foods and dates back thousands of years, with most countries of the world having traditional foods that they ferment. The purpose of eating fermented foods is to restore your gut bacteria to a good balance soContinue reading “The Role Of Fermented Foods In Gut Health”

The Truth About Probiotics

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 4 Click HERE for Part 3 It’s important to have a healthy gut that is teeming with good bacteria, and this can be done through a diet that includes a lot of plants and healthy fiber. A healthy gut is balanced and has a big impact on your physicalContinue reading “The Truth About Probiotics”

How Gut Bacteria Impacts Your Health

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 2 Click here for part 1: What is the Gut Microbiome? Most of us are aware that the bacteria in our gut plays an important role in digestion. When the stomach and small intestine are unable to digest certain foods we eat, gut microbes jump in to offer aContinue reading “How Gut Bacteria Impacts Your Health”