Why Do They Call The Gut Microbiome The Body’s Second Brain?

10 week Gut Health Series: Part 10 Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, this “brain in your gut” is having a major impact on the field of medicine and the understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way you think. Most people think of bacteria within the body asContinue reading “Why Do They Call The Gut Microbiome The Body’s Second Brain?”

How Gut Bacteria Impacts Your Health

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 2 Click here for part 1: What is the Gut Microbiome? Most of us are aware that the bacteria in our gut plays an important role in digestion. When the stomach and small intestine are unable to digest certain foods we eat, gut microbes jump in to offer aContinue reading “How Gut Bacteria Impacts Your Health”