Spices That Reduce Inflammation AND Taste Great!

5 week series on Reducing Inflammation in the Body: Part 3 While spices might seem like they play a supporting role in cooking, they actually have medicinal value all on their own. They play a vital role in health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to inflammation. Spices are generally used to enhance the flavorContinue reading “Spices That Reduce Inflammation AND Taste Great!”

Inflammation is a Chief Reason People Are in Pain

5 Part series on Reducing Inflammation: Part 1 (Overview) Much of the chronic inflammation people feel comes from two things: 1. Foods that promote inflammation 2. Sedentary lifestyle First off, inflammation isn’t always a bad thing. Our bodies use inflammation as a way of protecting and healing injuries. Swelling naturally occurs after an injury –Continue reading “Inflammation is a Chief Reason People Are in Pain”