Wake Pray Slay…..Cold and Flu?

This Week in Life in Bloom! Life in Bloom! promotes products and services that empower YOU to be who you were CREATED to be and life life in full bloom (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health) ***┬áSign up for FREE webinar on 5 Essential Herbal Remedies For Cold And Flu Season*** 5 ESSENTIAL HERBAL REMEDIESContinue reading “Wake Pray Slay…..Cold and Flu?”

I Stretched (and YOU can too)

This week I did something I NEVER thought I would do…. I faced the fear I stretched……WAY out of my comfort zone and I GREW What did I do? I did a Facebook LIVE series So, not only did I speak live on video once, but (as of of tomorrow) I will have done 5Continue reading “I Stretched (and YOU can too)”