Exercise Isn’t Just For Muscles

Week 2: Take Care of You; Body, Soul, Spirit Blog series Most of the time when we think of exercising, we associate it with building muscles or losing weight. However, exercise has many more benefits than those two things! As you will find out below, exercise isn’t just for muscles… EndorphinsWhen we exercise, certain chemicalsContinue reading “Exercise Isn’t Just For Muscles”

Moving Your Body Can Reduce Inflammation

5 Week series on Reducing Inflammation: Part 4 Sedentary bodies are at risk for many problems including inflammation. Swollen joints, muscles, and other chronic pain can be relieved through activity. Staying healthy by eating right and exercising can prolong the length of your life as well as the quality of it. Anytime you read upContinue reading “Moving Your Body Can Reduce Inflammation”

Inflammation is a Chief Reason People Are in Pain

5 Part series on Reducing Inflammation: Part 1 (Overview) Much of the chronic inflammation people feel comes from two things: 1. Foods that promote inflammation 2. Sedentary lifestyle First off, inflammation isn’t always a bad thing. Our bodies use inflammation as a way of protecting and healing injuries. Swelling naturally occurs after an injury –Continue reading “Inflammation is a Chief Reason People Are in Pain”