Mother’s Day Prayers (Your mom) , mentorship for girls (Daughters) + Free Gift for YOU!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of personal reading and research into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing from a Christian perspective, It is so amazing how many likeminded people there are once you start to look! One of the true gems I have found (a ruby!) is Leah Lesesne of the Shelemah blog. SheContinue reading “Mother’s Day Prayers (Your mom) , mentorship for girls (Daughters) + Free Gift for YOU!”

Walking Through Fire; Rising From Ashes (My Story)

Hello Beautiful Woman of God, I have been in an introspective mood lately. As things are getting busier on the outside, I am being called inward. I have been reflecting on my life and what is “working” and what is not. It is so easy (for me) to get caught up in activity and forgetContinue reading “Walking Through Fire; Rising From Ashes (My Story)”

Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle

Did this past year leave you rethinking access to staples like… the food you eat? I’ve always enjoyed dabbling in gardening as a way to unplug and relax. But the thought of growing my own food now also brings a sense of security. So I’ve been working on brushing up on some old skills andContinue reading “Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle”

Joyful Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I am so excited to be participating in The Joyful Life’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year! If you have not heard of the Joyful Life, they are a leading Christian Women’s magazine based out of Colorado. I am not sure how I happened on to their path but as soon as I “met” them I knewContinue reading “Joyful Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide”

The 2021 Christian Living Bundle is here!

“It would be so easy to give into the world’s fear and lose the peace of God. It is tough walking on the narrow path every day- balancing work/career (a new business!) , family etc even in the best of times.” Are you struggling to find peace in the unknown? If this past year taughtContinue reading “The 2021 Christian Living Bundle is here!”

5 Steps to Meaningful Daily Time With God (FREE LIVE Class)

As Christians, we know God is here for us every moment of every day. But, as we manage families, careers and all of the other aspects of our life, making time to truly connect with God can get lost in the to do list.I know so many others, like myself, who desire to not onlyContinue reading “5 Steps to Meaningful Daily Time With God (FREE LIVE Class)”

Illuminating Yellow and Grey Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom

A quick peek at some of the latest products from the Life in Bloom zazzle store. Featuring the top two Pantone colors of 2021- Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray– this collection of home decor includes modern, geometric triangles and diamond shapes in abstract patterns. Many of the items can be monogrammed to make them uniquelyContinue reading “Illuminating Yellow and Grey Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom”

No longer a “Latchkey Kid”

Hello beautiful Woman of God. I hope you had a week as amazing as you are ! We serve an awesome God, don’t we? He blesses us even in the middle of difficult circumstances. I know that I count my blessings every day and have learned not to take anything for granted in this season.Continue reading “No longer a “Latchkey Kid””

Love like Jesus

Hello, beautiful woman of God. It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I have been thinking a lot about love. I am single, not married and do not have any romantic prospects on the horizon. Yet, I love. I love my son. He is an amazing young man and I am awed by his growth andContinue reading “Love like Jesus”