8 Signs You Might be Suffering From Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health is a sign of poor overall health. More correctly, if you have poor gut health, your overall health is suffering as a result. You have more bacteria cells in your gut than you have human cells in your entire body. If your gut is unhealthy, those bacteria are unhealthy, and you’re unhealthyContinue reading “8 Signs You Might be Suffering From Poor Gut Health”

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021!

Decided to Homeschool for the first time? Or maybe you are a Homeschooling veteran who wants a few new ideas? Need a little Homeschooling inspiration? The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle is now available. Get 50 eBooks, eCourses, printables, and more to help you homeschool — from ages preschool through high school! 98% off. 6 days only!Continue reading “Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021!”

Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur

This is my contribution to the Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur collaborative blog at Love People Make Money by Kelly McCausey. Click on the link above to see all the posts from amazing contributors. “You’ve paid the tuition, now learn the lesson.” I had been through fire literally and risen from the ashes. I hadContinue reading “Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur”

Movement as Medicine Whole Body Challenge

30 Day Challenge : Superfood Nutrition Mindset Fitness As you Know, Life in Bloom! promotes products and serves that empower women to be who they were created to be- live life in full bloom! This challenge encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Register NOW! Tell your friends and have fun together. ForContinue reading “Movement as Medicine Whole Body Challenge”

The 2021 Writer’s Toolkit is Here!

Hello beautiful woman of God, Last week, I wrote a teaser blog about the (then) upcoming Writer’s Toolkit. Well, good news. It’s here! Some of you may know that I have always wanted to write a book about my life (or two or three) . I have even signed up for every giveaway and challengeContinue reading “The 2021 Writer’s Toolkit is Here!”

Have you always wanted to write a book?Free resources below

Sorry I have not written here for awhile. I am busy creating content for my business. I am developing courses, giveaways, trying my hand at video etc. Be rest assured that lots of cool things will be coming soon- I have not forgotten about you! I would like to share someone very real and personalContinue reading “Have you always wanted to write a book?Free resources below”

Mother’s Day Prayers (Your mom) , mentorship for girls (Daughters) + Free Gift for YOU!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of personal reading and research into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing from a Christian perspective, It is so amazing how many likeminded people there are once you start to look! One of the true gems I have found (a ruby!) is Leah Lesesne of the Shelemah blog. SheContinue reading “Mother’s Day Prayers (Your mom) , mentorship for girls (Daughters) + Free Gift for YOU!”

Walking Through Fire; Rising From Ashes (My Story)

Hello Beautiful Woman of God, I have been in an introspective mood lately. As things are getting busier on the outside, I am being called inward. I have been reflecting on my life and what is “working” and what is not. It is so easy (for me) to get caught up in activity and forgetContinue reading “Walking Through Fire; Rising From Ashes (My Story)”