Five Signs That Your Microbiome Is Out Of Balance

10 week Gut Health Series: Part 8

The gut microbiome is important to the overall mental and physical health of the human body. It is where 70% of the immune system is and is the line of defense against pathogens.

The gut microbiome is the community of bacteria living in the gastrointestinal system. The community is comprised of good bacteria (probiotics), bad bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. When the gut microbiome is balanced it means that the ratio of good bacteria to bad will be higher, keeping the digestive system intact and working properly.

The bacteria in the gut even produce vitamins like vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and vitamin B which is used for energy.

How do you know if your gut microbiome is healthy or out of balance? The easiest way to tell is by the symptoms and they are obvious enough that no one needs to worry about misunderstanding them.

Here are five signs that your microbiome is out of balance:

  1. Gas or bloating
  2. Indigestion or heartburn after meals
  3. Irregular bowel movements (diarrhea or constipation)
  4. Food allergies or sensitivities
  5. Frequent colds

The good news is that you can fix your gut microbiome through diet, reducing stress, and sleeping better. For stress reduction and sleeping better, look to regular exercise and movement of the body. Consider adding stretching to your morning routine before you begin exercising. Add a walk outdoors to your afternoon routine following a good, healthy lunch.

As for your diet, you can begin with removing processed foods and adding healthy, whole foods as well as include fermented foods to restore balance to your gut microbiome.

Here are some foods you begin adding to your diet, now, to get your gut microbiome back in balance:

  1. Sauerkraut
  2. Kimchi
  3. Yogurt
  4. Kefir
  5. Kombucha
  6. Pickles
  7. Olives

You’ll see that all of these are full of either probiotics (yogurt) or feed the probiotics in your gut (the rest). A cautionary note when you shop at the grocery store – read the label of the package. You want to remove processed food and refined sugars from your diet, and many of the items on the list can include sugar…don’t purchase it but instead look for those without added sugars.

Make these small changes to your daily routine and your diet and you will soon relieve and then eliminate the symptoms of having your gut bacteria being out of balance. Continue to eat, rest, exercise with the new diet and routine and you won’t need to experience an out of balance gut microbiome again.

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,


Next week: 3 Tips to Improve your Gut Health

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I Stretched (and YOU can too)

This week I did something I NEVER thought I would do….

I faced the fear

I stretched……WAY out of my comfort zone

and I GREW

What did I do?

I did a Facebook LIVE series

So, not only did I speak live on video once, but (as of of tomorrow) I will have done 5 live videos in my “Healthy Habits for a Healthy Immune System” series. I went live EVERY day, Monday to Friday this week at 10:30 am MT. There were technical glitchs (still need to figure out how to connect zoom with streamyard and Facebook). But, there was also some interaction with new people and people I did not know were interested in what I do. I LEARNED a lot.

Here is the Day 3 (Wednesday) video about Nutrition (and hydration) + Immune Health

My special guest was Carrie Drinkwine of Wise Wellness. You can check out more of her videos here.

How can YOU stretch? You can face the fear and do it anyway! What is IT?

IT is whatever you need to do for your growth but are hesitant to do. You are afraid to change, afraid of failure, afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

But, I will tell you a secret…..

You have everything within you to make your dreams come true. Indeed, if you are a follower of Christ you have the person of the Holy Spirit within you to help you.

Take a chance.

Take care of yourself

I am glad that I did.

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

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Boost Your Immune System By Improving Gut Health

10 week Gut Health series: Part 7

CLICK HERE for part 7

Your gut health has a direct effect on your immune system. As a matter of fact, about 70% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract.

It’s amazing to consider that there are about 500 different species of bacteria living inside of you. Some are referred to as “good” while others don’t provide obvious benefit. At the moment, science is telling us that the ideal balance between them is 85% good and 15% “other”.

This ratio between good bacteria and other bacteria is critical for determining your optimal health. And when we speak of optimal health, we’re talking about your entire mind and body. Many diseases are exacerbated by or caused by gut problems: diseases and disorders such as allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acne, chronic fatigues, mood disorders, autism, dementia, and cancer. Not to say that all of these diseases are caused by bad gut health, but science shows us that good gut health aids in reducing the effects and sometimes in the prevention of these diseases.

How does good gut health help our immune system?

The gastrointestinal tract (gut) is where we digest and absorb nutrients. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to view food as medicine.

There are some foods that should be a part of your diet for a healthy gut, and they include:

Prebiotic foods: not to be confused with probiotic, the prebiotic is a specialized plant fiber that nourishes the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon. While probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut, prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that’s already there. These foods include good quality yogurts, kefir, sauerkraut, oats and indigestible plant fibers such as dandelion greens, chicory root, garlic, and onions.

Fermented vegetables: sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and tempeh, as well as fermented beverages such as kefir, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha, promote healthy gut bacteria.

Fiber: psyllium husks, chia seeds, and flax seeds aid the bowel functions. Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice – add a tablespoon of either to a glass of water 20 minutes before meals to stimulate digestion and assist the absorption of nutrients.

Foods to avoid include the following:

Poor quality refined carbohydrates and sugars that can be found in pastries, white bread, candy, pasta, table sugar, and soft drinks. These foods feed the bad bacteria in the gut which causes damage to the small intestine and interferes with food digestion. This leads to food sensitivities, allergies, inflammation and a compromised immune system.

Dairy: milk, butter, and cheese are acidic and inflammatory, causing digestive problems like bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Remember: The gastrointestinal tract is the body’s first line of defense against any attack on the immune system.

Keeping it healthy, keeping your gut healthy, with proper diet, sleep, and stress management will keep your body and mind healthy for years to come.

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM

Next week: 5 Signs Your Microbiome is Out of Balance

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The Role Of Fermented Foods In Gut Health

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 6

Click HERE for part 5

Fermentation is a traditional way to preserve foods and dates back thousands of years, with most countries of the world having traditional foods that they ferment. The purpose of eating fermented foods is to restore your gut bacteria to a good balance so that your digestion improves, which means you are absorbing more nutrients from the foods you eat and you are improving your overall mental and physical health.

Fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of lactofermentation in which natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food creating lactic acid. This process preserves the food and creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics. Allowing bacteria to form in a sealed jar of vegetables over a few months might not seem like the most appealing way to create a meal or side-dish, but fermentation plays an important role in balancing the bacteria in your gut.

There are two ways to ferment foods:

  • Fermenting sugar with yeast to produce sugar alcohols; OR
  • Using lactic acid-based bacteria (e.g. Lactobacillus) to act on dairy products or vegetables, which aids in their preservation and increases their good probiotic content. (In the case of Candida, this second method is particularly useful).

When talking about eating fermented foods for a healthy gut, the lactic acid-based bacterium is the process to look for. And, it isn’t necessary for you to learn how to ferment your own food as there are many options available to you in your local grocery store.

A note of caution: Not all fermented foods are good for restoring balance to your gut bacteria. Many mass-produced fermented foods, unfortunately, have little actual fermentation left in them (i.e. lacto-acidic beneficial bacteria).  This is because of the added sugars, preservatives, colorings, or cheap vinegar used. These additives are used in place of a real fermentation process. Typical examples are the sauerkraut, kimchi, and olives that you find in your local supermarket. But, there is no need to panic. Educate yourself by reading the labels of these products and you will find that there are, indeed, options at the grocery market that fit your need for fermented foods.

Consider the following tips as guidelines for helping you choose and consume healthy, fermented foods:

  1. Look for foods with no sugar added. Fermented foods will typically have some residual sweetness from the natural sugars that remain in the food, so there should be no need to sweeten them further.
  1. Look for organic ingredients. Great fermented food options that can be certified organic include:
  1. Sauerkraut
  2. Kimchi
  3. Yogurt
  4. Kefir
  5. Kombucha
  6. Pickles
  7. Olives
  1. Go unpasteurized. Processes like pasteurization and sterilization kill the beneficial bacteria. Even if bacteria are added back in and cultured after pasteurization, remember the enzymes in the food are still destroyed by pasteurizing. Those enzymes help you to digest foods more easily
  1. Consume your fermented foods with fatty and protein-rich foods. Fatty and protein-rich foods tend to inhibit the natural production of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria in the gut. To offset this, it makes sense to eat a small portion of fermented foods at the same time.

For more information on how to select healthy fermented food, check out the following video:

Next week: Strengthen Your Immune System By Improving Gut Health

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What Foods To Avoid To Improve Gut Health (Plus FIT FALL)

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 5

Click HERE for part 4

The good, the bad, the ugly of the Western diet (also called the Standard American Diet, or SAD for short) includes fruit and vegetables (good), refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup (bad), and processed foods and artificial sweeteners (ugly). If your gut is rumbling and roaring and causing you discomfort, the first place to look for a cure is your food. If you don’t have bloating and gas but are experiencing fuzzy-brain, restless sleep and a lot of stress, look at the food you are eating and remove the bad and ugly to improve your gut health.

Your gut health has a direct impact on your physical and mental health.

The healthy human body has microorganisms inhabiting every spot available on the body. It is in our gut, the gastrointestinal tract, that we can find the largest collection of microorganisms. These microorganisms make up our gut microbiota. Combine the microbiota, the products it makes, and the entire environment it lives within and we have a microbiome. The human microbiome (all of our microbes’ genes) can be considered a counterpart to the human genome (all of our genes).

Every human being has a gut microbiota (community of bacteria) that is unique.  People who are sick may have too little or too much of a certain type of gut bacteria, or they may lack a variety of bacteria. This means you can affect the balance of your gut bacteria and it can be done through diet.

If you want to help your gut recover from a time of imbalance, it would be good to remove the bad and ugly foods from your diet, focus on the good and healthy foods and restore your gut bacteria to a healthy balance. Otherwise, it may not be necessary for you to completely remove the bad and ugly foods from your diet. A treat of candy or soda every once in a while may well be just fine for you.

Consuming the bad and ugly foods in moderation actually helps with the attitude more than anything. No one likes to be told that they cannot do something or that the things we enjoy are completely off limits. Just be sure to consume these foods in moderation or rarely and fully enjoy them. The 80/20 rule (where you eat whole foods 80% of the time, and “treat” foods in moderation ) may be helpful for you.

To improve your gut health, to help restore balance to the bacteria in your gut that play such an important role in digestion and overall health, you can avoid or limit the amount you eat of the following foods:

Processed foods: Often packed with sugars, preservatives, additives, coloring, chemicals, and a lot of empty calories that can lead to an unbalanced gut microbiome. (Choose whole foods. If you are going to buy packaged foods find ones that have a short ingredient list with ingredients you recognize. Most of these healthier packaged foods will be organic.)

Chlorinated water: Chlorine is often added to tap water to help kill bacteria or harmful substances that are in the water. However, too much chlorine can kill the good bacteria in your gut. (Invest in a water filter. I bought one pitcher style filter at the local health food store- it filters the water plus alkanizes and re-mineralizes it)

Meat: High levels of meat intake have been linked with increases in higher numbers of less desirable species of gut bacteria (try to eat more plant-based meals, even one or two a week to start)

Refined Sugar: A food source for bacteria, eating too much of it can cause an imbalance in the normal bacterial levels in the gut. (If you desire sweets- eat fruit. Fruits are are natural cleansers. Also, see the 80/20 rule. Keep sugar for rare occasions and make sure it is in something you really enjoy)

High fructose corn syrup: Found in much of the junk food and beverages we consume today, high fructose corn syrup is linked to diabetes, fatty liver disease, and other inflammatory conditions. And these begin in the gut microbiome. (see above- avoid processed foods)

Artificial sweeteners: Known for causing blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, increasing your risk of insulin resistance and weight gain. (Try monkfruit sweetener, or organic stevia)

Gluten: A protein found in wheat, gluten can trigger the production of zonulin, a biochemical that opens up the tight junctions of your intestinal wall. This can lead to leaky gut syndrome. (There is research showing that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, can cause reactions that may be erroneously attributed to gluten. If you are going to use wheat, or any grains for that matter, choose organic)

Dairy: A common cause of bloating and abdominal discomfort, dairy can be responsible for an imbalance of gut flora. (organic. non-GMO almond milk, or coconut milk can be a good substitute)

Soy: Often considered a milk and/or meat substitute, soy can be bad for the human gut as it can be extremely difficult to digest. However, if properly prepared and fermented as they do in Asian cultures, soy may be a tolerable option (look for miso or tempeh which are fermented foods, coconut aminos make a good substitute for soy sauce)

Are all your favorite foods on the “avoid” list? Do you need a re-set? Do you want to add organic, whole food superfoods to your diet? Are you READY to take care of your health on a deeper level?

It is time for FIT FALL

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Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

Next week: The Role of Fermented Foods in Gut Health

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Viral Kingdom Impact Challenge

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing

Attention: All Christians and Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Ministers

Satan doesn’t want Christians to figure out these secrets that give explicit content, big tech and media giants power – because it would unleash “Viral Kingdom Impact”

Here’s why Christian Businesses & Ministries struggle to keep up with powerful companies that are shaping culture: The ability of Christians to shape culture is being dwarfed by big tech, media giants and the explicit content industry because most Christians have not understood the 4 secrets behind viral influence.

The online explicit content industry alone is bigger than Hollywood and Netflix combined!

A survey conducted by the Barna Group uncovered that for 57% of American Churches the most damaging issue in their congregation was explicit content addictions

  • .47% of American families admitted that explicit content is a consistent problem in their family.
  • 56% of American divorces record one spouse as having an “Obsessive Interest” in explicit content sites.

Between the explicit content industry, big tech and media giants – people’s attention is being saturated with content that is destroying lives and families in devastating ways. How do these companies gain so much influence and cause so much pain and destruction?

The answer? Their message is their business, and their business is founded on the secrets of scalability. Their influence – which is brain washing a generation and sparking addictions and family breakdowns – rests entirely on the scalability of their companies.

But these same secrets can be applied to spark Viral Kingdom Impact.

If we don’t step up in this dark space urgently – it’s only going to get darker and more destructive…God is calling on us to release Viral Kingdom Impact that captivates the attention of a generation with content that produces renewed minds.

To become a light and a voice that redeems our culture, we must take massive action and ensure we understand the 4 Secrets of Scalability that make Kingdom Impact go viral – because if we don’t, the growth of the chaos in the digital space will explode unchallenged!

The 4 Secrets to Viral Kingdom Impact:

1: Leverage

2: Automation

3: Understanding Metrics

4: Creating a seamless Fusion between your business and your message

It’s kind of like the loaves and fishes, let me explain.

After wrapping up over a decade of pastoring and leading a ministry training school Benji Alexander applied these 4 Secrets of Scalability to Raising Royalty to start up a Kingdom Business

.At the time it was just him in his office, with a tiny budget – dreaming of discipling nations…… in just over a year Raising Royalty had:

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Raising Royalty is releasing a 4 Day “Viral Kingdom Impact” Challenge that uncovers how anyone can have the 4 Secrets of Scalability working for them in just days without needing business experience, products, huge startup capital or high level tech skills.

What is needed urgently is – Viral Kingdom Business Systems. We’ve invested over $500,000 into developing systems that produce “Viral Kingdom Impact” and one of the powerful aspects of the digital world is that we can effectively “Copy and Paste” our systems straight to you!

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Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

The Truth About Probiotics

10 Week Gut Health series: Part 4

Click HERE for Part 3

It’s important to have a healthy gut that is teeming with good bacteria, and this can be done through a diet that includes a lot of plants and healthy fiber. A healthy gut is balanced and has a big impact on your physical and mental health.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. They’re often called often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. What they do is line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. 

The good news is that probiotics can be increased through diet and whole food supplements. Some foods are probiotic-rich, while others help to feed the probiotics in your gut.

There are foods you can find in a grocery store, and of course, online, that are probiotic-rich. Some that you can include on your next grocery list are:

Yogurt and Kefir. Find the plant-based versions like soy yogurt, coconut yogurt and coconut kefir to get the benefits without the problems often associated with dairy. Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk drink, and is similar to yogurt but it is a drink, with a tart, sour taste, and slight fizz. It can be found in the yogurt section of many grocery stores.  

Sauerkraut and Vegetable Ferments. Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. It’s a side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables using napa cabbage and Korean radishes.

Water Kefir and Kombucha. Both can be purchased in bottles.

Miso. It’s the fermented beans and rice that make miso magic as a healthy and delicious condiment and adding a tablespoon to some hot water makes an excellent, quick, probiotic-rich soup.

While the probiotics in food form are best for your gut health, they are available in supplement form. Quality supplements can be pricey, but if you want to take them, they are available.

There are five things you need to consider when buying a probiotic supplement:
  1. High CFU count — Purchase a probiotic brand that has a higher number of probiotics, from 15 billion to 100 billion.
  2. Strain diversity — Search for a probiotic supplement that has 10–30 different strains.
  3. Survivability — Look for strains like bacillus coagulans, Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and other cultures or formulas that ensure probiotics make it to the gut and are able to colonize.
  4. Research — Do your homework and look for brands that have strains that support your specific needs. Choose supplements that are made from whole food sources. Isolates created in labs do not digest properly in the gut.
It’s important that you know the following about probiotic supplements:

 Stability: Probiotics need to be kept cold in order to preserve their potency. This applies to their production, transport, storage, and sales.

Date: The fresher the better – remember, we’re talking about living organisms.

Living vs. dead: “Live and active cultures” is a better bet than “made with active cultures.”

Potency: Most probiotic products don’t list the amount of bacteria their products contain. Health benefits can occur with 50 million CFUs for certain conditions and may take as many as 1 trillion CFU for others. A good rule is “The higher the number the better.”  Once again choose whole food sources.

Now you know what probiotics are, that they are beneficial and support good gut health and that you can increase them in your gut through diet and supplements.

Find out the probiotic I personally recommend HERE

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

Phoenix Grace

Next week : What Foods To Avoid To Improve Gut Health

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