A’s to all your Q’s about the Too Blessed to be Blessed Toolkit

Are you wondering this too?

We are thrilled to see all the love and excitement 
you all have been showing for the 
Too Blessed to Be Stressed Toolkit. 
It seems to be a very relevant topic, 
especially this time of year. 
And we are thanking God that we get to 
partner with him to help you focus on how 
blessed you are while also being a blessing to others.
We have been getting a few questions about 
the Toolkit, so I wanted to pop in here to answer 
some of the most common ones in case 
you have those same questions, too.

Q: 95% discount? Is this a scam?A: It does seem too good to be true, right? But we have written permission from every creator who has contributed a product to this toolkit. They’re even helping us promote the toolkit! Since all of the included products are digital, not physical, they can be delivered to many people very inexpensively, while each creator still gets compensated for their work.
Q: How exactly does this work?A: After you purchase your Toolkit, we’ll email you a receipt and link to log in to the Toolkit Dashboard. Inside the Dashboard, you can browse by category, contributor name, or just do a search and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. See something you like? Redeem it by entering your email address and the 100% off coupon code. Then you can save that product to your computer to use however and whenever you like.
Q: Once I purchase the toolkit, how long do I have access to the products?A: You’ll have 3 months to redeem whatever products you like. The last day to redeem all the products is February 28, 2023. Once you redeem a product, you’ll have it for life (the life of the product, of course).
Q: Will my email address be shared with all the contributors?A: NO. When you purchase the Too Blessed to Be Stressed Toolkit, your email address will be shared with the organizer (JoDitt) so that she can give you access to the dashboard of resources, remind you about the opt-in deadline, and invite you to the Word of the Year Workshop. After you’ve purchased the Toolkit,, you will choose which tools and resources you want to redeem (by entering your email address, which will then be shared with the contributor of that product).
Q: Is the toolkit appropriate for new Christians?A: Yes, this bundle is for all believers who want to connect with God, reduce your stress and bless others.
Q: If I’m not a new believer, will the toolkit be beneficial to me?A: Many of the products in this bundle are designed to help you connect with God on a daily basis, which we all need, no matter how long we have been a Christian.  Many of the products also make great gifts. But feel free to just grab the bundle and zero in on only the products that appeal to you. You don’t have to redeem them all! 
Q: What if I’m not in the United States:A: You will be able to access all the products no matter where you live. All the items in this toolkit are digital items (files and e-courses) and nothing will be shipped.
Q: Can I print multiple copies of a product?A: Yes, that is another reason why this toolkit is such a great value. You can print a copy of a certain product for each family member, or even to give as gifts. There is even a video tutorial included in the Toolkit that shows you how to print at different sizes.
Q: What if I don’t have a printer at home?A: You can get files printed at your local office supply store or through online printers. But you can also just use the products digitally. For instance, the Bible studies and devotionals can be read on any computer, tablet or smartphone. And if you have an iPad or tablet, you can open any PDF file, like planners and coloring books, in an app like GoodNotes, Noteshelf or Zinnia, and use your Apple Pencil to write on it just like you would with regular paper and pencil… without all the mess. 
Q: Can I use the products in the toolkit on my iPad?A: Yes, you can open any PDF file, like planners and coloring books, in an app like GoodNotes, Noteshelf or Zinnia, and use your Apple Pencil to write on it just like you would with regular paper and pencil… without all the mess. 
Q: Do the products in the Toolkit come with PLR or commercial use rights?A: There are only 2 products in this toolkit that come with commercial use rights – My Daily Journey in Faith Planner by Melody Wigdahl; and Be Still Creative Faith Bundle by Janet Giessl. All the other products are for personal use only.
Q: Can I purchase the Toolkit later?A: No, one of the reasons why we can offer this at such a great price is because it is available for a very limited time. After November 29, 2022, this offer is gone for good.
Q: What is the Word of the Year Workshop?A: It will be a Live, Online, Interactive event to be held on January 10, 2023 – to help you connect with God to discover His word for you for the new year. It will be hosted by JoDitt, along with members of the Kingdom Creativepreneurs Coalition. We will also lead you in a creative project to help cement your new word into your heart.​The Word of the Year Workshop is not included with the Toolkit, but can be added on for just $10. Tickets to the Workshop will still be available for purchase at a later date, but this is the only time you will be able to get this special discounted price.   

Keep Bloomin’ in Him, 
 p.s- I am continuing to work on my own Pre- Christmas Health and Wellness sale that I will be rolling out in the next week or two.  It will be amazing…Stay tuned!!!
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My Product- Be Still and Know…You are Blessed… (within the Too Blessed to Be Stressed Toolkit)

Too Blessed to Be Stressed (Black Friday Deal)


Staying stress-free in a world filled with chaos is not always easy…

Even for women of faith.
We’re supposed to walk in peace and joy.
But it is easy to get overwhelmed by life when it seems like there is bad news and negativity around every corner. 
You go to church, read your Bible and pray every day,
But sometimes, no matter how much you pray, you still feel stressed out by all the chaos in the world.

I get it. Really, I do. Remember my testimony from yesterday?

 Today was Black Friday. Each year I struggle between not wanting to get caught up in consumerism and the need to be a good steward of my finances (we all know there can be some pretty good deals).  I did not even know if I wanted to have a Black Friday this year for my business. 

I truly want to be in the world but not of it.  
That’s why I am so grateful that my friend Jo Ditt brought together my favorite Christian authors, artists and creators and convinced them to make their best books, journals, and art available to you at a fraction of the price!

After weeks of working on this behind-the-scenes, I’m so excited to introduce: The Too Blessed to Be Stressed Toolkit 🎉[Note: This is an affiliate link.  I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you).  For the next few days, you can purchase  over $500 worth of fabulous resources and tools (printable and digital products) for just $24!

Here are some of the awesome offers that are included:
Sharon Rose Gibson – Focus on Gratitude Coloring Pages- $20.00 
Karen McMullin – Butterfly and Flowers 2023 Calendar- $15.00 
His Mighty Prints -Gift Voucher to Online shop- $25.00

Plus you’ll also find my product,  Be Still and Know..You Are Blessed (a bundle within a bundle) in the toolkit.
And that’s just a tiny part of everything that included!

Check out the rest of the bundle and snag it here.  

Keep Bloomin’ in Him, Phoenix 

 p.s- I am working on my own Pre- Christmas Health and Wellness sale that I will be rolling out in the next week or two.  Stay tuned!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving (a gift for You)

Want your own copy of this printable poster (along with 25+ other products for only $24 US from November 22- November 29, 2022 as part of the “Too Blessed to Be Stressed Bundle” for Women of Faith.
#HappyThanksgiving  #ThankfulGratefulBlessed #Testimony

It is Thanksgiving in the US (I am Canadian) and I have been thinking so much lately about my blessings. I had some bad news this week (of a financial nature) that could have really thrown me off. I realized I had been counting on that money a bit too much. I had made plans for my son’s birthday and for Christmas. I wanted to stew and mull a bit.

But, then after the shock and disappointment lifted, I said out loud, “God is my source and my provider.” The day before I had shared a testimony of God’s goodness to several people via text. God reminded me that he is always there with me.

When I was in my wilderness season, I memorized Philippians 4: 11- 13:
“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”God gave me some action steps to follow in the natural to make it through this time (instead of dwelling on what I had “expected” to happen). I listened and stepped out in faith. Then, he surprised me, yet again, with his goodness!

He provided (in a very unusual way) a birthday cake for my son (and muffins for me- we both share a birthday on November 29). Each year we usually buy two cakes- chocolate for him, and carrot cake for me. Guess what flavors the Food Bank gave us? God cares about the little things- even the birthday treats…wow!

I have so many blessings. I have a wonderful family, a warm house, resources at my disposal (I will share a link to a faith- based bundle for Christian women that my products, including the printable poster in the picture above are in).
I have so many amazing new (and old) friends that I have made in this soon-to-be half century of life. I know that God leading me I am so grateful to the seeds that have been sowed into me, the roots that are developing in good soil, and the growth I have experienced.I know that was made for such a time as this and God will finish the great work he has started.

Thank you all for being a part of what I am thankful for this day, 

Keep Bloomin’ in Him, 
p.s- Please watch the special Thanksgiving video I made for you (click below). 
Watch the You Tube Thanksgiving Bible scripture video I made for YOU

Self-Care is NOT Selfish

Hey you…..yes you. I see you.

You are a superwoman who is trying to do it all

You are busy, I get it.
You play many roles in your household, your family, your job/business.
You are a caring, compassionate woman who treats everyone with respect (a.k.a the Golden Rule).

You make time for everyone (and everything) else but self-care goes to the bottom of the list.

You say:
-You don’t have time
-You don’t know how
-You might think it is selfish to focus on yourself

What if I told you – Self-care is NOT selfish?

Remember the Golden Rule? It says “Treat others as you treat YOURSELF.”
Oh- oh.
Self-care IS important

It is time to make yourself a priority…

It has been a busy season of getting kids off to school, getting back to routine, and harvesting all the yummy things from the garden.  I know I am feeling the need to re- connect with myself and God in the midst of all the activity. 

I have good news for you- in this VIP ACCESS bundle worth $97 I provide everything you need to create a self-care plan for yourself. I provide tools to help you figure out where you are and where you can make simple tweaks in your daily routine.

You will get finally be able to get off the do-do train (who wants to be in do-do!) You can meet your responsibilities, and be a better wife, mom, employee/business owner etc. when you come from a place of rest rather than striving.

My products are part of Val & Rayven’s September Self-Care Bundle 

The bundle is full of workshops, courses, journals, and more that will help women, like you, take care of their bodies, souls and spirits. It’s the perfect way to recharge and make yourself a priority.

Check out this amazing list of participants. The total value? $1,407! (for $27 only USD)

  1. Val Selby – Self-Care for Profits Bootcamp – $89
  2. Lady Rayven Monique – Color Monthly PLR – Bucket List Coloring Journal Pages – with PLR Rights! – $52.50
  3. Lady Rayven Monique – Abundability – Confidence Becomes Me – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book – $30
  4. Phung Tran ~ Be Active is Easy – Evolve from Negativity – $57
  5. Kate Tekurio ~ KT Content – Self-Care PLR Article Bundle – $42
  6. Martine Barclay ~ Redefine Your Edge – The Ultimate Busy Woman’s Self-Care Bundle – $26
  7. Carlene Kelsey ~ Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions LLC – Women’s Productivity Life Planner & Checklist – $37
  8. Vivian Chai ~ Clear Crystalo – Self Love Journal – $27
  9. Mary Underwood ~ What Empty Nest? – Caregiver’s Guide to Stress Relief – $29
  10. Libbii Armstrong ~ PLR Printables Bazaar – My ADHD Planner – $27
  11. PsyDos – Defining Boundaries Course – $59
  12. Kristen Mastel ~ Nourished Through Nature LLC – Wander in the Woods to Wellness: Nature Mindfulness Activities to Recharge and Renew – $27
  13. Rita Schoeman ~ Coaching With Heart – How To Create Momentum To Become The Success That You Are Meant To Be – $35
  14. Bonnie Chase ~ Meal Prep Mamma – 28 Day Vegan Meal Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs – $27
  15. Sheila Anderson Mochrie – Self-Care Planner for the Business Owner – $27
  16. Kaycee ~ Kaycee Digital Design – Hyperlinked Digital Daily Wellness Journal with Commercial Use License – $37
  17. Dr Sandy Evans ~ Better Body Chemistry – The Carb Pass – $27
  18. Michelle Ramsundar ~ Divine Awakening – The Ultimate Dark Moon Bundle – $115
  19. Kimberly Allston ~ Real Connection Ministry – Faith-Focused Self Care Audio Training – $37
  20. Phoenix Grace ~ Life in Bloom! – Life in Bloom! 7-Day Self-Care Challenge (VIP ACCESS) – $97
  21. Jennifer McClain ~ Mission ENSPIRE, LLC – Worry Free Journal – $29
  22. Dr. Jodie Bean ~ Oily Tapping – Oily Tapping Primer – $47
  23. Aimee Bagshaw ~ Imperfectly Aimee K. – Girl, You’ve Got This! PLR Self-Care Planner – $27
  24. Holli Rovenger ~ Self Care Whisperer – Masterclass—How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain – $67
  25. Marcy Bridges Patterson ~ The Unpopular Mom – DFY Create Your Own Manifest Planner/Journal Kit PLR – $37
  26. Karen Robinson ~ Heal Thrive Dream – Self Care After Trauma – $30
  27. Daire Paddy – Untapped – $62
  28. Denise Belisle ~ Denise Belisle in Motion Coaching – Bring Back the SPARK in Your Life! – $197
  29. Tamra Sellier ~ GoodLife PLR – Taking Care Of Me – My Self-Care Journal Digital – $37

Keep Bloomin’


p.s- The bundle is not just for women. It also makes a great gift

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