Self-Care is NOT Selfish

Hey you…..yes you. I see you.

You are a superwoman who is trying to do it all

You are busy, I get it.
You play many roles in your household, your family, your job/business.
You are a caring, compassionate woman who treats everyone with respect (a.k.a the Golden Rule).

You make time for everyone (and everything) else but self-care goes to the bottom of the list.

You say:
-You don’t have time
-You don’t know how
-You might think it is selfish to focus on yourself

What if I told you – Self-care is NOT selfish?

Remember the Golden Rule? It says “Treat others as you treat YOURSELF.”
Oh- oh.
Self-care IS important

It is time to make yourself a priority…

It has been a busy season of getting kids off to school, getting back to routine, and harvesting all the yummy things from the garden.  I know I am feeling the need to re- connect with myself and God in the midst of all the activity. 

I have good news for you- in this VIP ACCESS bundle worth $97 I provide everything you need to create a self-care plan for yourself. I provide tools to help you figure out where you are and where you can make simple tweaks in your daily routine.

You will get finally be able to get off the do-do train (who wants to be in do-do!) You can meet your responsibilities, and be a better wife, mom, employee/business owner etc. when you come from a place of rest rather than striving.

My products are part of Val & Rayven’s September Self-Care Bundle 

The bundle is full of workshops, courses, journals, and more that will help women, like you, take care of their bodies, souls and spirits. It’s the perfect way to recharge and make yourself a priority.

Check out this amazing list of participants. The total value? $1,407! (for $27 only USD)

  1. Val Selby – Self-Care for Profits Bootcamp – $89
  2. Lady Rayven Monique – Color Monthly PLR – Bucket List Coloring Journal Pages – with PLR Rights! – $52.50
  3. Lady Rayven Monique – Abundability – Confidence Becomes Me – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book – $30
  4. Phung Tran ~ Be Active is Easy – Evolve from Negativity – $57
  5. Kate Tekurio ~ KT Content – Self-Care PLR Article Bundle – $42
  6. Martine Barclay ~ Redefine Your Edge – The Ultimate Busy Woman’s Self-Care Bundle – $26
  7. Carlene Kelsey ~ Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions LLC – Women’s Productivity Life Planner & Checklist – $37
  8. Vivian Chai ~ Clear Crystalo – Self Love Journal – $27
  9. Mary Underwood ~ What Empty Nest? – Caregiver’s Guide to Stress Relief – $29
  10. Libbii Armstrong ~ PLR Printables Bazaar – My ADHD Planner – $27
  11. PsyDos – Defining Boundaries Course – $59
  12. Kristen Mastel ~ Nourished Through Nature LLC – Wander in the Woods to Wellness: Nature Mindfulness Activities to Recharge and Renew – $27
  13. Rita Schoeman ~ Coaching With Heart – How To Create Momentum To Become The Success That You Are Meant To Be – $35
  14. Bonnie Chase ~ Meal Prep Mamma – 28 Day Vegan Meal Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs – $27
  15. Sheila Anderson Mochrie – Self-Care Planner for the Business Owner – $27
  16. Kaycee ~ Kaycee Digital Design – Hyperlinked Digital Daily Wellness Journal with Commercial Use License – $37
  17. Dr Sandy Evans ~ Better Body Chemistry – The Carb Pass – $27
  18. Michelle Ramsundar ~ Divine Awakening – The Ultimate Dark Moon Bundle – $115
  19. Kimberly Allston ~ Real Connection Ministry – Faith-Focused Self Care Audio Training – $37
  20. Phoenix Grace ~ Life in Bloom! – Life in Bloom! 7-Day Self-Care Challenge (VIP ACCESS) – $97
  21. Jennifer McClain ~ Mission ENSPIRE, LLC – Worry Free Journal – $29
  22. Dr. Jodie Bean ~ Oily Tapping – Oily Tapping Primer – $47
  23. Aimee Bagshaw ~ Imperfectly Aimee K. – Girl, You’ve Got This! PLR Self-Care Planner – $27
  24. Holli Rovenger ~ Self Care Whisperer – Masterclass—How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain – $67
  25. Marcy Bridges Patterson ~ The Unpopular Mom – DFY Create Your Own Manifest Planner/Journal Kit PLR – $37
  26. Karen Robinson ~ Heal Thrive Dream – Self Care After Trauma – $30
  27. Daire Paddy – Untapped – $62
  28. Denise Belisle ~ Denise Belisle in Motion Coaching – Bring Back the SPARK in Your Life! – $197
  29. Tamra Sellier ~ GoodLife PLR – Taking Care Of Me – My Self-Care Journal Digital – $37

Keep Bloomin’


p.s- The bundle is not just for women. It also makes a great gift

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