Are you Recession Proof?

As you know, Life in Bloom! is all about empowering women to be who they were created to be and live life in bloom- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Part of living the abundant life God intended is being a good steward of our finances.

Thursday August 11, 2022,  my friend Pedro Adao is going to host an 18-day LIVE Kingdom Finance Challenge to help you tap into the promises of God over your life…

For just 8 minutes a day, you’ll learn how to unlock the promises of Deuteronomy 8:18…

To be equipped with unconventional and yet biblical strategies for wealth creation, wealth protection, and for growing as a steward of Kingdom wealth and not someone who falls into the trap of building personal empires!

If you’re finally ready to build on biblical strategies, then join us in the 8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge starting on August 11th.

For 18 days (and FREE), Pedro is going to share his over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, as a financial professional and Retirement Income Certified Professional, as a real estate investor, and more importantly as a student of the Kingdom...

And deliver the most impactful kingdom keys he has discovered on the path to becoming an 8-Figure Entrepreneur.

However, this challenge is not for everyone…If you are not open to discovering the truth from God’s word on how to create and steward wealth as a Kingdom entrepreneur…then this challenge is probably not for you…

Be prepared to hear concepts, strategies, and practical methods that you have probably never heard of before and certainly aren’t going to hear in Church on Sunday morning.

If you’re ready to do this, then click HERE and let’s get you registered.

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge!

Keep Bloomin’ in Him,


ps- There is still time to join in the challenge

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