Christian Living Bundle Flash Sale (December 6- 8, 2021)

Are you seeking to grow closer to God?

Struggling to find peace in the unknown?

Wondering how to live God’s lessons in challenging times?

If these past few years taught me anything, it’s that living in my faith becomes most challenging in the moments I most need to be strengthened by it.

As I pass through all these seasons of life, I seek ways to draw closer to God while tackling that neverending to-do list…

And I found something created by Christians from all backgrounds, facing their own hurdles and triumphs… People who have designed tools to help themselves grow closer to God and are sharing those tools with others.

Are you looking for something like this too?

Then you will want to hear about this!

Christian Living Bundle is the answer to my prayers for balancing my family and activities while strengthening the foundation of my faith.

Earlier this year, the team at Ultimate Bundles teamed up with 50 amazing contributors to help you in every aspect of your life as a Christian… and the bundle is back for a short flash sale!

They want to help you grow in your faith, apply biblical truths in your everyday life, strengthen your marriage, and find encouragement even in challenging times.

When you buy the Christian Living Bundle, you’ll get access to a library of faith-based resources like these:

  • Create the Space Quiet Time Planner and Journal by Gina Poirier
  • Embracing God with the Life you Never Expected by Laura Krokos
  • Walking with God: Bible Lessons for Families by Jennifer Beck
  • Equipping Godly Women Online Conference by Brittany Ann
  • Six Biblical Approaches to Protecting Your Mental Health by Michelle Nietert

PLUS 45 more eCourses, eBooks, planners and resources!!

Since the bundle is being offered at a discount 97% off, this flash sale will only last for three days so…

Since the bundle is being offered at a discount 97% off, this flash sale will only last for three days so…

Check out The Christian Living Bundle right

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM.


P.S. You also have the option to snag the “cheat sheets” with your bundle. With these time-saving cheat sheets, you can review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time and then dive deeper into the topics most interesting to you.

Check it out here:


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