Pumpkin Spice (and everything nice) RECIPES!

Do you love pumpkin spice?

I do too.

What I don’t like are the artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners that are often in that pumpkin spice latte you can buy at the local (or chain) coffee shop on the corner.’

That is why I am so thankful for the organic superfoods company I am partnered with. They just introduced Pumpkin Spice Protein that is natural, organic and has a whopping 15g of protein per serving! It is available for a limited time (only until October 31st) and they have many Green Friday specials.

For the best value for your dollar (you will get a free pumpkin spice protein + a free zinc- aide, and a free silicone bag ), order the Cleanse + Performance Package HERE at 25% off, and you will also be able to take part in the Fit Fall challenge that starts November 1, 2021!


Want to discuss YOUR health goals (and develop a customized protocol)? Contact me on the form below or book a 15 minute consultation with me HERE

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