Viral Kingdom Impact Challenge

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing

Attention: All Christians and Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Ministers

Satan doesn’t want Christians to figure out these secrets that give explicit content, big tech and media giants power – because it would unleash “Viral Kingdom Impact”

Here’s why Christian Businesses & Ministries struggle to keep up with powerful companies that are shaping culture: The ability of Christians to shape culture is being dwarfed by big tech, media giants and the explicit content industry because most Christians have not understood the 4 secrets behind viral influence.

The online explicit content industry alone is bigger than Hollywood and Netflix combined!

A survey conducted by the Barna Group uncovered that for 57% of American Churches the most damaging issue in their congregation was explicit content addictions

  • .47% of American families admitted that explicit content is a consistent problem in their family.
  • 56% of American divorces record one spouse as having an “Obsessive Interest” in explicit content sites.

Between the explicit content industry, big tech and media giants – people’s attention is being saturated with content that is destroying lives and families in devastating ways. How do these companies gain so much influence and cause so much pain and destruction?

The answer? Their message is their business, and their business is founded on the secrets of scalability. Their influence – which is brain washing a generation and sparking addictions and family breakdowns – rests entirely on the scalability of their companies.

But these same secrets can be applied to spark Viral Kingdom Impact.

If we don’t step up in this dark space urgently – it’s only going to get darker and more destructive…God is calling on us to release Viral Kingdom Impact that captivates the attention of a generation with content that produces renewed minds.

To become a light and a voice that redeems our culture, we must take massive action and ensure we understand the 4 Secrets of Scalability that make Kingdom Impact go viral – because if we don’t, the growth of the chaos in the digital space will explode unchallenged!

The 4 Secrets to Viral Kingdom Impact:

1: Leverage

2: Automation

3: Understanding Metrics

4: Creating a seamless Fusion between your business and your message

It’s kind of like the loaves and fishes, let me explain.

After wrapping up over a decade of pastoring and leading a ministry training school Benji Alexander applied these 4 Secrets of Scalability to Raising Royalty to start up a Kingdom Business

.At the time it was just him in his office, with a tiny budget – dreaming of discipling nations…… in just over a year Raising Royalty had:

• Impacted over 50,000 people

• Sparked a move of God in the digital space

• Lost track of all the miracle and transformation testimonies

• Blessed hundreds of relationships

• Lit up dreams all over the world

• Helped start over 200 Kingdom Businesses

• Grown to a staff of 20

• Generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales over and over again

Raising Royalty is releasing a 4 Day “Viral Kingdom Impact” Challenge that uncovers how anyone can have the 4 Secrets of Scalability working for them in just days without needing business experience, products, huge startup capital or high level tech skills.

What is needed urgently is – Viral Kingdom Business Systems. We’ve invested over $500,000 into developing systems that produce “Viral Kingdom Impact” and one of the powerful aspects of the digital world is that we can effectively “Copy and Paste” our systems straight to you!

Most people would never do that because they call sell the systems at top dollar – but we have created an opportunity to help the body of Christ, missionaries, people in struggling economies, pastors, entrepreneurs, or people who are interested in creating or expanding a digital business to step into the space of “Viral Kingdom Impact”.

To help Kickstart your journey sign up for the free 4 Day “Viral Kingdom Impact” Challenge and discover how to implement the 4 Secrets of Scalability.

If you complete the Challenge and it feels like a good fit for you – we will “Copy and Paste” over $10,000 worth of Kingdom Business Systems and Training to you.

Why would we do this – because we burn for Heaven on Earth, because it’s win-win, because it’s working, because there’s a serious and urgent need in the digital world for Christians to step up and be a voice and bring a message that has more power than explicit content and brainwashing and because there is an opportunity for us to unleash “Viral Kingdom Impact” right now!

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

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