21 Days to Automated Kingdom Impact and Income on Social Media (Challenge!)

Attention Christians Who Want to Live Life in Full Bloom (ie live in the fullness and richness of life in Christ):

Phoenix here.

I am part of something special, something incredibly special. A movement (no other way to describe it) that incorporates Kingdom principles (biblical) and touches on every part of my life- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is personal and professional support and community that has a firm foundation in Christ. I am growing here and I am so excited to share it with you. Raising Royalty is starting a 21 Day Challenge on August 8, 2021. I will be taking part and I would love for you to join me!

Want more information? I will let the founder of Raising Royalty, Benji Alexander, tell you more about it in his own words:

I believe that right now God is raising up multiple movements around the world who are raising up the healthiest disciples that the world has ever seen.

Not just healthy in one area – but disciples who are masters of balance and who have devoted themselves to becoming living examples of God’s most beautiful promises on display for the world to see.

This is not an egotistical movement.

Far from it – these movements of healthy disciples are fully devoted to becoming an incarnation of divine love that reveals the Father, raises up Sons and unleashes Heaven through everything they do. 

These movements have prioritised becoming love.

These movements have transcended low-level dysfunctional mindsets that are prevalent in much of the church and despite being persecuted for it, they aren’t distracted from what God has called them to do and to be.

So, what am I writing about?

I’ve got 1 main point I want to get across.

  1. I want to help people re-shape the Christian blueprint of what success looks like for a disciple of Jesus.

I’m not here to focus on what Church has or hasn’t done well or poorly in the past, this post is not about that. It’s about what God is doing right now.

All over the world right now, God is raising up entire movements with big dreams, who know that they will never be able to bring their big dreams to fruition if they continue living with a dysfunctional blueprint of what a disciple of Jesus can really look like.

These movements don’t want to do well in ministry while their family suffers at home…

These movements don’t want to do well in business while their relationships fall apart…

These movements don’t want to let their health and fitness collapse, because they can’t balance their lifestyle well.

These movements don’t want to live in poverty because they never understood Kingdom Economics.

No, this generation wants to thrive and to prosper in every area of their lives and they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to bring balance, excellence, abundance, shalom and Heaven’s finest promises to fruition in their lives.

This generation has discovered that when we dream with God – we dream without limits.

This generation has discovered that when we walk with wisdom – wisdom prospers every area of our lives.

Though they are persecuted by people in the church who are happy to settle for less – they aren’t distracted, discouraged or dissuaded. 

They are going all in on a new blueprint from Heaven, a blueprint that is producing the healthiest disciples the world has ever seen.

They are thriving in their Spiritual life, thriving in their emotional health, thriving in relationships, in their marriages, families and friendships, they are thriving in their physical health, thriving in their finances, thriving in their God given calling, thriving in their purpose and they are running together in movements all over the world who are redefining “normal” for this generation of Christians.

Raising Royalty is one of those movements.

We are mentoring people all over the world on a daily basis in the key areas of developing the mindsets, skillsets and systems that are needed to become the healthiest disciples that the world has ever seen and the testimonies are life changing!

We focus our mentoring and training on “The 7 Sacred Elements of Balance” and we have a beautiful system that is inspiring people on a daily basis to re-design each area of their lives in a way that I’ve never seen any church operate in.

People are:

Praying in the Spirit more

Reading their Bibles more

Focusing on Scripture more

Journaling more  

More focused on their dreams

More grateful for what God is doing in their lives

Exercising more

Eating better

Drinking more water

Stewarding their relationships more intentionally

Stewarding their finances more intentionally

Generating Multiple Streams of income

Discovering how to build in the Spirit like never before

Being more encouraged, more consistent and more accountable 

Developing more intimacy with God 

Building more momentum towards their dreams

Up until now, we have been running this training only in The Online School of Sonship – (which is phenomenal).

But we have just fused our most successful discipleship training with our best business training in The School of Social Media Marketing and I’m excited to announce that on the 8th of August we are launching a brand new 21 Day Challenge:

21 Days to Automated Kingdom Impact and Income on Social Media!

Not only will participants get some of the most effective Discipleship Training available, they will also build an automated Kingdom business that impacts lives and generates income in their sleep.

This 21 Days to Automated Kingdom Impact and Income on Social Media is going to be an action packed, life transforming, beautiful fusion of The 7 Sacred Elements of Balance:

  • Sonship/Our Spiritual Lives
  • Relationships
  • Vision Skills
  • Health, nutrition and Fitness
  • Work Ethic
  • Kingdom Economics and how to build an Automated Kingdom Business on Social Media
  • Focus

Those who are a part of this 21 Day Challenge will receive daily mentoring, encouragement, coaching and training and get to experience the momentum of being a part of an entire movement that is running together daily to launch their dreams and unleash Heaven.

But not just anyone can be a part of this…

This opportunity is only available in The School of Social Media Marketing. 

Personally I’ve paid thousands of dollars for the type of training available in The School of Social Media Marketing – but we are doing something wild!

We are giving away over $US10,000 worth of value to help people launch their own business that generates Automated Kingdom Impact and Income. At the same time, the training system that we use is raising up disciples of Jesus who are thriving in every area of their lives.

Let me break this opportunity down for you:

You can join our 21 Day Challenge – but you have to be in The School of Social Media Marketing to be a part of it.

Here’s the Only way to be a part of it:

You will have to take us up on our gift of an Automated Kingdom Business, The School of Social Media Marketing and The Online School of Sonship all valued at over $US10,000.

There is a tiny catch – but mostly this is an unprecedented explosion of Kingdom Generosity, so brace yourself for something that is extremely rare…

Right now we are giving away: 

  • Lifetime access to The School of Social Media Marketing valued at $US3,997.
  • An Automated Kingdom Business valued at $US4,997
  • The Online School of Sonship valued at $US1,497

If you would like to receive all of this for free and join our 21 Days to Automated Kingdom Impact and Income and at the same time become a part of a movement that is producing some of the healthiest disciples in the world – then click this link to find out all the details, but hurry, the Challenge is about to begin!

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM!

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