Grow your own food- protect your gut?

After I wrote my blog post on “What is the Gut Microbiome” (part 1 of a 10 week series on Gut Health) , I watched the above video by Dr. Zach Bush.

In it he shares three practical things that we can do to create healthier inner (gut biome) and outer (planet) environments:

  1. Grow our own food (and stop spraying glyphosate- ie- Roundup)
  2. Support local farmers and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture)
  3. Change the way kids understand food by introducing them to gardening, farming and food production methods

To learn more about glyphosate and its affect on the gut (and on the planet) go to the Regenerate Your health website.

My family and I are checking out local organic farms and will soon be making a day trip to pick fruit and vegetables. We also tried organic vegetable and ethically raised, grain fed, no hormone/antibiotic meat delivery boxes in the past couple weeks (my mom even noticed the difference in the veggies).

Last night, we had fun picking saskatoon berries from the neighbor’s yard (with permission of course). It was really great to spend family time outside in nature. After we ate some off the tree we had more berries in a bowl. I had mine with coconut milk…..Yummy!

We have our own tomato plant and mixed salad greens that we are tending. My son enjoys watering the plants (and us).

Now that I am learning more about my health and making it a priority, I would really like to further develop a sustainable, organic garden in my backyard. No more worries about pesticides and toxins being sprayed on food that is meant to be natural and nourish your body. No more tasteless veggies that are picked too early, shipped long distances, and stored too long.

Think fresh vine- ripened tomatoes, crisp lettuce, crunchy carrots.

Wish you could grow your own but don’t know where to start? No matter where you live or your level of gardening expertise, you CAN grow more of your own food.

Enter the Gardening and Sustainability Bundle

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