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Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021

With the pandemic, many people started homeschooling their kids. A friend mine told me me that when she started homeschooling her kids, there was a lot of crying, whining, and complaining…

Her kids had a hard time adjusting to the new change too 😉

But once they got into the swing of things and we started to truly enjoy their new life, my friend sat her kids down and bravely asked them what was one thing they missed about their public school.

Without hesitation and in chorus, they all said, “art class.”

In the hustle and bustle of ensuring they were conquering their core subjects, she forgot to add in the one thing that could make or break the experience: creativity! The even bigger problem was her own lack of creativity… She thought, “How am I supposed to teach my kids art??”

That’s why I am so excited to tell you that my friends at Ultimate Bundles have teamed up with Kathy Barbro, the founder of Art Project for Kids, to bring you a free webinar called14 Projects to Incorporate Art into Homeschooling!

When you attend the free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why art is important for early child development
  • How art can improve retention at school
  • 14 art projects you can do with your kids
  • The best art supplies to keep on hand
  • And more!

Kathy is a Former graphic designer turned art teacher turned blogger and she’s so excited to help you (and me!) create more art at home with our kids!

  • Monday, July 12 at 4pm ET
  • Tuesday, July 13 at 11am ET
  • Register for14 Projects to Incorporate Art into Homeschooling right here:

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