Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur

This is my contribution to the Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur collaborative blog at Love People Make Money by Kelly McCausey. Click on the link above to see all the posts from amazing contributors.

“You’ve paid the tuition, now learn the lesson.”

I had been through fire literally and risen from the ashes. I had lost everything and rebuilt everything from the ground up on a firm foundation.

Having given my life to God, I was determined not to go backward but move forward and live the life I was created to live; fulfill my purpose.

I developed a business called Life in Bloom! to help women who had been searching for greater freedom and connection in their walk with Christ.

I was working hard, creating, and growing yet the lessons of my past had not been fully integrated. I was filled with grand ideas and spent hours in front of my computer planning and dreaming and creating.

My inner and outer worlds did not match.

Yet the more I created beauty in my products and services the less I seemed to take care of myself. I lived in my head and not my body or spirit.

I would stay in my pajamas and just barely brush my hair (I blamed it on the pandemic). I started cutting corners in my family life. I was not fully present in the moment (either at work or in leisure). I did not have boundaries around my time. I became a workaholic. I was slipping back into old patterns. My life was (way way) out of bloom.

I decided to walk the talk.

It was time to get back in balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I found a company that serves up organic, whole-food superfoods and partnered with them. My energy skyrocketed. I started to walk my son to school in the morning rather than drive him and in the evening, we competed in “Just Dance.”

Commitment and balance helped my life bloom.

Committed to daily bible study with my mom and regularly affirming my identity in Christ, I made time for reading, bubble baths, and time with friends. I shut off the computer more often.

Now, my life is more balanced and I am able to fulfill my mission of helping women just like you create a life in bloom.

Phoenix Grace is a mom, a business owner, and most importantly a Child of God and Daughter of the King. As Chief Empowerment Officer at Life in Bloom!  she promotes products and services that empower women to be who they were created to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Are you living a balanced life?  Get your FREE Life in Bloom! Toolkit at Life In Bloom.

****Note: Want more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? – a summer reset? There is still time to sign up for the Movement as Medicine Whole Body Challenge. Learn more here***

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM,

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