5 Steps to Meaningful Daily Time With God (FREE LIVE Class)

The Christian Living Bundle 2021

As Christians, we know God is here for us every moment of every day. But, as we manage families, careers and all of the other aspects of our life, making time to truly connect with God can get lost in the to do list.I know so many others, like myself, who desire to not only dedicate time with God in our daily lives, but also to pursue this time with intention.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about a free class called 5 Steps to Meaningful Daily Time With God

This class is being led by Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista, founders of Sojo Academy, an online community for Christian women. Jen and Arabah are devoted to helping women JUST LIKE YOU to become the women they were created to be and make real transformations.

In this LIVE class, you’ll learn:-

  • Why spending time daily with God is so essential
  • How to make time for this soul-nourishing practice
  • Practices for a meaningful and rewarding quiet time
  • 4 things to pray about to get more from your time
  • Tips for dealing with distractions & staying focused

You’ll want to attend this class LIVE for the opportunity to ask questions, and access a special BONUS just for those in attendance. Arabah & Jen will be running this class twice, so choose the time that’s right for you:

  • Tuesday, March 16 at 11am EST
  • Tuesday, March 16 at 8pm EST

Register for the free webinar here https://ultimatebundles.com/details/tclb2021-webinar-registration/#a_aid=601ac1ac3b457&a_bid=ff65228b.

See you there!

Keep Bloomin’ in HIM!

P.S. There is no better time than now to get closer to God. Register here

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